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Custom Metal

Thanks to Outsider's Outlook, different businesses and manufacturers can develop enhanced and unique products to their organizations. We are reputable metal fabricators ready to work with different metals.

Custom Wood

When it comes to high-end quality and affordability, we are the place to be. Whether your interest is cutom furniture, cabinetry, shelving, wedding decor, or anything in between, trust us to deliver exactly what you need.

Project Hosting

Are you looking for a reliable party to handle your online projects? We have a wide array of tools that are exactly what your business needs. There is no better way to upgrade if not by using Outsider's Outlook.

Justin Komi
Carpenter, Joiner & Fitter

Adding value to the creation process has become an innate part of me since I joined OSO. We are more than a team, we are family.

Lilly Morgan
Model Builder

The best part about our job is seeing clients walk away with a smile on their face. That is one way we measure our success.

Brandon Hughes
Assembler & Fabricator

A big part of being a team member at OSO is bringing unique ideas to the table and finding ways to turn them into a reality.

Daniel Xavier
Big Data Specialist

Every successful project needs a robust online presence. Top it with our expertise to get a ground-breaking experience.

In my line of work, getting a reliable and quality supply when necessary is very important. A little delay can cause major setbacks. Working with Outsider's Outlook has cushioned me from such setbacks.

Roger Brown
Real Estate

I have no doubt OSO is Topeka's finest. I had little to no knowledge of what I needed when I first encountered Outsider's Outlook. One phone call is all it took to get everything right.

Michelle Dawkins
Procurement Manager

Having diverse knowledge in a field is a great asset to any individual or business. That's one thing that I find really attractive when working with OSO. To more projects in the future.

Cathy Daniels

Want to build something great?

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