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We guide people stumbling to finish tasks or projects they start because of attention problems, by providing a means to help you finish more in a structured manner so you can measure your progress.


Our Services We like to finish what we started around here. If you are in a position where you have a plan that is way bigger than you can complete in a manner or time suitable for you... you come to the right place.




A tutorial is a teaching session given to one or a small group of students. If you are stuck in a class, you could use a tutorial. Our tutors will help you learn new skills or refresh you on what you feel is confusing or lost to you.

We offer both in-person or an online course study a mix of both depending on your specific needs. The in-person sessions include one-on-one appointment tutoring and subject tutoring which are for all of the services offered at OSO (Woodworking and Metalwork).

This is a tough question to answer. This all depends on the needs of our clients. They both offer a wide range of pros and cons but one thing that you can be sure of is we have you covered on both ends. You will always get value for your money regardless of your choice.

Project Hosting Service

This is a service where we provide you with storage and computing resources for either individual or organizational needs. We accommodate and maintain any and all of your digital project or service needs.


We are grateful for all of our customers. We couldn't do business without you!
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Jun Wang - Data Miner

Awesome Services!

My affiliation with Geek has only lasted a few months but I can tell we are bound to see each other more often than I had anticipated. Their services are amazing!.

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