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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

What Project Hosting Managers Want you to Know About Project Server

The other day someone asked me what's a project server used for. And that got me thinking about how many people have the same question without getting proper answers. I decided to do appropriate research and let everyone know what they should know about a project server.  

There are several things that a project hosting manager wants you to know about a project server; train your team on how to use a project server, organize your portfolio, and create a task board. Use project server templates, ensure you have enough IT support, and have a backup plan. Keep reading!  

Do you have an idea about what the features of a project server are? How about its benefits? Find out about all that in this article.  

What Project Hosting Managers Want you to Know About Project Server

In project hosting, you'll severally come across the term project server. It is a project management tool that helps teams to collaborate more efficiently. It can connect people, information, and devices. It provides visibility into projects and the status of tasks.

What Project Hosting Managers Want you to Know About Project Server

There is much to learn about project servers so your organization can prepare for the project hosting. Apart from needing a project manager, you need to know everything the project server entails, from what you need to do to its features and benefits. A project manager wants you to know the following about a project server. 

1. Train your team on how to use the Project Server.

This will help them be more productive and make better decisions when working on their projects. You can invite an expert to help you with the training and allow them to attend seminars. You can also encourage them to learn through online tutorials. The more trained they'll be, the more chance your project will be a success. 

2. Organize your project portfolio.

Please create an account on Project Server, and then create a folder for each of your projects-this will keep everything in one place and make it easier for you to share with others working on the project. It will also be easier to trace it fast if need be. 

3. Create a task board 

A task board can be a great way to keep everyone on the same page and ensure that nothing is getting left out. The tasks should be organized by priority, due date, and to whom it is assigned. You can create customized workflows with Project Server and assign tasks to their appropriate owners. You can track progress and get notifications about upcoming deadlines.

What Project Hosting Managers Want you to Know About Project Server

4. Use Project Server templates.

These templates are essential for common project types like Gantt charts, reporting templates, and resource management templates. These templates will save you time from having to re-create them every time you need them in the future.

5. Ensure that you have enough IT support.

For Project Server, it can run smoothly without any issues or interruptions in service. The IT department of a company is not just responsible for system maintenance. They are also responsible for the security of the company's data, which includes ensuring that the Project Server runs smoothly so that there are no interruptions in service.

6. Ensure you have a backup plan if you need to restart your project.

Not backing up your project server is a recipe for disaster. If your project server goes down, you must redo weeks or months' worth of work. A backup will ensure that your data is protected, and in case of anything, you will be able to recover it.

What does a Project Server do?

What Project Hosting Managers Want you to Know About Project Server

The project Server performs many tasks. It enables an organization to assign tasks and resources, monitor the status of the tasks, keeps track of deadlines and other milestones for the project, schedule meetings for planning purposes, and collaborate with team members on different aspects of the project. Below are the features of a project server; 

 1. Project management

The system is capable of assigning tasks to different people in the team and also tracks their projects. Hosting companies have a calendar capable of keeping track of dates for all the tasks assigned by the user. The system allows users to share documents, photos, videos, and more with other team members. Besides, most project hosting platforms enables users to share documents, photos, videos, and more with other team members.

2. File management

Have you ever had to deal with a messy, unorganized computer? It is easy to lose or struggle to find the file you want. With this, project hosting and organizing your files will be a breeze. The system has a file management feature that lets users store documents, workflows, and other projects related to them. 
You can create folders for storing and organizing your files as a user. The system will automatically create a new folder for each project you start and provide you with the option to rename it. Besides, files in the system can be uploaded and shared among collaborators.

3. Portfolio management

A project portfolio is a collection of planned and managed projects. The portfolio contains all the project information, such as budget, time, resources, and risks. The benefits of using Project Server for your project portfolio management are: You can get a clear overview of your projects, efficiently manage your projects, and share information with stakeholders and other users. 

4. Resource management

Resource management is where you find freelance talent to complete your projects. The first two modules are free to use. There is a third module called "Premium Services" that you could purchase for $9 a month or $350 for a whole year, depending on what type of support you need. You can find freelance talent, get email and phone support, and access the new features introduced in each update.

What are the Benefits of using Project Servers

What Project Hosting Managers Want you to Know About Project Server

For the success of your project, a project server must in involved. Let's find out the benefits of a project server. 

1. Fast turnaround on revisions

Unlike other software, project servers offer an unlimited number of revisions for free. Once the document is completed, it can be easily shared with others on the team for real-time feedback. Project servers are created to be transparent since anyone can log into them.

2. You can see what everyone is working on at any given time

Project servers are designed to help organize the work of a team by providing a central hub where everything can be shared and discussed. They also make it easy to see what everyone is working on at any time. Project management software helps with tasks such as assigning tasks, tracking deadlines, and helping you stay on top of the progress.

3. You can track the progress of projects.

Project management software will help you track the progress of your projects. You can see which tasks are completed and which need to be completed. Additionally, it allows you to see who has been working on what and who still needs to complete their work. Managing a project can take up a lot of time and energy. Without the right tools, it cannot be easy to get an overview of the progress that has been made on each task. Project servers are designed with these problems in mind. They make it easy to see what has been completed and what still needs to be done with a simple glance.

4. It eases the collaboration between team members.

Project servers are a great way to stay organized and streamline your workload. Using a project server allows you to assign tasks, deadlines, and files to team members without emailing attachments or using multiple cloud storage providers. This method is much safer and more secure, as it eliminates the risk of data loss from accidental deletion or unsecured public cloud accounts. 


I believe by now you have an idea about what a project server is all about. A project server provides an overview of all tasks and statuses. This allows for task delegation and makes it easy to produce reports detailing project milestones- It has a central repository for all the files related to a project. Hence, you will always have one place to find all the individual components of a project, which is very important if multiple people are working on it simultaneously. At Outsiders outlook, we have a great team of project managers who can help you in project hosting. Try us today for effective services. 

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