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What Are the Processes Involved In Custom Wood Fabrication

Knowing the processes involved in custom wood fabrication is important; you get to know what goes on when you order custom wood furniture or any other custom wood project you might have. I concluded that providing you with an article about the processes involved in custom wood would be a great idea. Keep reading!

There are several processes in custom wood fabrication, such as; idea, customization, wood selection and preparation, team briefing, cutting, building, scrapping and polishing, painting and waxing, finishing stage, and final inspection. 

Do you know the custom wood fabrications you should avoid? Get to find out as you read on. 

What Are the Processes Involved In Custom Wood Fabrication

Why choose the normal when you can go for the extraordinary! a unique masterpiece will leave a statement in your home or office. Customization of custom wood fabrication enables you to make your dreams a reality. Thanks to custom wood fabrication, you can come up with any size, shape, or design that suits your taste and the theme of your house.

What Are the Processes Involved In Custom Wood Fabrication

Processes involved in custom wood fabrication

1. Idea

Every process begins with an idea of what the customer needs. The customer should give you a rough idea of what they want, and then you should develop a draft to replicate what is in their mind to a model. You should show the model to your client and make the necessary changes if there are any. Additionally, you can advise the client and help them develop better designs when they are in doubt. Have photos to showcase your previous work for the client to trust that you will deliver what they want.

2. Customization

The beauty of customization is that the client is at liberty to go for what they want in the exact color, shape, size, and height. You will have to confirm the dimensions that your client wants. Confirm the size, color, body, and any other custom features. Ensure that you get the correct details from the client and confirm the same before settling on the dimensions. With customization, you will have to be accurate with every size and need of clients because one error will destroy the whole design.

3. Wood Selection and Preparation

The type of wood you settle for will determine the outcome. There are different types of wood with varying levels of durability. Select a durable wood. After selecting the wood, ensure that you dry the wood to remove any moisture that might have piled up over time. Water will affect the durability of the wood. Drying the wood is an essential part of the whole manufacturing process; thus, when you avoid this stage, you might encounter several problems in the long run affecting the quality of the end product. You should conduct drying in two phases, and the first pre-drying phase is done in an open area to remove the moisture through evaporation. In the second drying phase, you must use a machine to dry off all the water completely. 

4. Team Briefing

After the wood dries, you should assemble your team leaders to discuss the safety and standards you expect at the end. Bring all the team members up to date. After briefing your team, you should start the production process.
Proper communication will help the process to move seamlessly. 

5. Cutting 

Production starts in the cutting department, where your team will inspect the wood to ensure that the wood is of good quality. The wood type will determine the furniture's final outlook and lifespan. Ensure you get the correct measurements before cutting the custom wood fabrication to avoid loss. You must do another quality check before moving to the building phase.

What Are the Processes Involved In Custom Wood Fabrication

6. Building

In the building stage, you will assemble all the cut pieces and fix them to meet your customers' dimensions. You should remember to add all the customs requirements, and if your team is unsure about any specifications, you should consult the client to get proper instructions. Remember to do a quality check after building the custom wood fabrication.

7. Scrapping and Polishing

After the building stage, you shall scrap and polish the surface of the custom wood fabrication. Scrapping ensures that you have a smooth and flat surface. Use scrap paper and then shine until you get the texture you prefer. 

8. Painting and Waxing

Painting takes a longer time than waxing. Always paint ago, do not paint then finish the wood at a later date as the paint will not be smooth. You should use the correct amount of chemical blending agent to enhance smoothness. 
Ensure that the paint color is the exact shade the client ordered, as choosing a different shade will be a waste of time since you will have to repaint to the client's satisfaction. Put a layer of an anti-cracking agent on the wood to lock in the moisture and let it dry. after drying, polish it with sandpaper to brighten the furniture, brush the dust off, then blow the surface clean with a hair dryer. Use the best beeswax to wax, rub the covers, and repolish the characters after incorporating the wax into the wood.        

9. Finishing Stage

The finishing department will check your custom wood and compare it to what the client ordered. They will have to check every specification to ensure it matches perfectly. The final confirmation will give the customer a unique masterpiece and a replica of what they prefer.

10. Final Inspection

The custom wood company will have to conduct a final quality check to ensure the process went on flawlessly. After inspection, your custom wood fabrication will be ready for delivery.

What Are the Custom Wood Fabrications Mistakes You Should Avoid

What Are the Processes Involved In Custom Wood Fabrication

Wood is a delicate and vulnerable material, and you should handle it gently to avoid damaging the wood. To enjoy the durability of wood fabrication, you must practice proper ways of maintaining the furniture. The table below shows what you should avoid protecting your table and why you should do so. 

Things to avoid


Direct heat/ sunlight

Avoid heat or direct sunlight on your custom wood fabrication, as wood can cause cracks and deterioration of paint film. Keep wood away from areas with high heat, like a fireplace. You should also avoid putting your wood furniture under direct sunlight, as the sun will decolorize your custom wood furniture. 

Dust  Avoid dust and food and drink spillage as they damage to wood, making your fabricated wood furniture have a short lifespan. Dust can form layers on the furniture, making the wood gets damaged.

Don't use alcohol, gasoline, or other liquid to remove stains

You should avoid using alcohol, gasoline, or other liquids to remove stains in your custom wood fabricated furniture as it will leave a strong odor and can damage the wood. The fluid can affect the surface and reduce the lifespan of your wood.

Don't scratch

Avoid scratches and sharp objects as they will leave a permanent mark, thus damaging the custom wood fabrication.

Keep Bugs at Bay

Wood is vulnerable to insect infestation. Therefore, you should avoid insect-infested areas when choosing a place to put your fabricated timber.

Pouring hot or cold drinks on the table.

Pouring any form of liquid could lead to staining and scratches. Beverages will damage the custom wood fabrication.


Woodworking Business Ideas You Can Try Out

What Are the Processes Involved In Custom Wood Fabrication

If you are passionate about woodworking and maybe at some point you have made your own woodwork at home, it may be time to start a woodwork business. Yes, your interest may turn into an income-generating source. The problem may be, do you know where to start? It's good to have a woodworking business idea to get you started. Below is a list of woodworking business ideas. 

  • Custom furniture
  • Wooden toys
  • Kitchen accessories
  • Picture frames
  • Jewelry boxes
  • Wooden pens
  • Candle holders
  • Wall art
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Hardwood chopsticks
  • Garden planters
  • Bathroom accessories


Custom wood fabrication is the best deal in the market. It comes with many benefits that you and your team can benefit from. We have discussed the steps you can follow when you decide to go for the custom wood fabrication and what to avoid to enjoy the durability of the custom wood fabrication. Reach out to outsiders' outlook for custom wood project services. 

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