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What are the Expert Tips to Maintain Your Custom Wood Furniture?

Do you ever get customers to visit your shop and ask you for tips on maintaining their custom wood furniture? That has been our daily routine, And what better way to answer everyone with the same question than with this fantastic article? Keep reading to learn expert tips on how to maintain your furniture. 

There are a couple of expert tips on maintaining custom wood furniture that you should know about; protect your custom wood furniture from damage, regular dusting and cleaning, control moisture and scratch marks, buffing, and polishing. On top of that, avoid using harsh chemicals, revive and restore wood furniture, be gentle with your furniture, and keep bugs at bay. 

Do you know the reasons why you should buy custom wood furniture? Find out as you read on. 

What are the Expert Tips to Maintain Your Custom Wood Furniture?

We all want to choose our furniture following our taste, home/office interior, and budget. While you can walk into any furniture store and purchase several pieces, you might not like the color, the design, the size might not fit in your space and many other mishaps. But, with custom wood furniture, you can choose whatever design, size, and preference suits you. Customizing your wood furniture will give you a lot of benefits.

What are the Expert Tips to Maintain Your Custom Wood Furniture?

Types of Wood for Furniture You Can Choose.

You may wonder, how important is the type of wood in custom wood fabrication? The truth is people have different preferences, and what may work for one may not work for the other, moreso when it comes to colors. Let's break it down in the table below;

Wood Colour  Description 
Cedar Dark, reddish-brown A softwood that is resistant to water, insects, and the sun. It is suitable for outdoor activities. 
Cherry  Light pink to reddish-brown It has an aging process where it changes from light pink to reddish-brown.
Walnut Pale brown to dark brown with dark streaks

A premium wood that is slightly expensive compared to other domestic woods.

How to maintain your furniture

Taking care of your furniture should be basic; you must maintain the furniture to reap all the benefits. Below are several tips you can use to maintain your custom wood furniture: 

1. Protect your custom wood furniture from damage

You should treat your wood furniture carefully as it is prone to damage. It would help if you placed your furniture correctly to avoid wear and tear. Keep wood away from areas that have high heat, like near a fireplace. You should also avoid putting your wood furniture under direct sunlight, as the sun will decolorize your custom wood furniture. If you have to use it under the sun, ensure that you cover the table with a tablecloth.

2. Regular Dusting and Cleaning

Regular dusting will keep your furniture clean. Airborne particles can form layers on the wood and end up scratching the surfaces, causing damage. Frequent dusting will stop the layers from forming. When dusting your furniture, use a cotton cloth to avoid causing any damage. Sometimes dusting alone will not do justice to your wood furniture. You will have to clean it using a wet cloth.

3. Control Moisture

Wood can change when it comes in contact with moisture. The moisture makes the wood swell or even peel. To control water, you can use a sealant to protect your furniture and always wipe off any liquid spills. A humidifier will also come in handy in areas with high humidity.

Scratch Marks

To avoid having unnecessary marks and scratches on your furniture, you should avoid sharp objects and toys near the wood furniture. Some scratches are permanent; hence avoiding them will be the best option.

What are the Expert Tips to Maintain Your Custom Wood Furniture?

4. Buffing and Polishing

To maintain the shine and beauty of your furniture, you will have to do periodic buffing and polishing. Use a high-quality polish and a sealant to keep your furniture. 

5. Avoid using Harsh Chemicals.

Please refrain from using harsh chemicals, especially those that have silicone and ammonia as their main ingredients. Chemicals will damage your furniture. 

6. Revive and Restore Wood Furniture

After doing all the above, your furniture still looks old, worn, and dull, and you can still revive and restore it to its beautiful state. You can polish it and do a few repairs or follow home remedies like wiping a pen-marked piece of furniture using mayonnaise. You can also repaint the furniture to give the table a new look.

7. Be Gentle With Your Furniture

Most minor defects occur when people mishandle the wood furniture. If you want to maintain your furniture in spectacular form, handle it gently. Use coasters and placemats because cold drinks can create a permanent white ring on the wood, while hot things can make the table swell. Choose coasters and placemats that can absorb liquid. 

8. Keep Bugs at Bay

Wood is vulnerable to insect infestation. To avoid damage, you should disinfect your wooden furniture regularly, especially outdoor furniture.  

What are the reasons you Should Buy Custom Wood Furniture

What are the Expert Tips to Maintain Your Custom Wood Furniture?

Good quality custom wood furniture is a lifetime investment, and you should consider customizing your furniture for the following reasons:

1. Quality

Custom-making your wood furniture will ensure that you get quality materials. Quality ensures durability; thus, the pieces will last longer and offer the expected services. 

2. Uniqueness

When you custom-make your furniture, you will go for a design you love. Choosing your strategy leads to uniqueness because your taste and preference are dissimilar to others. Your custom-made furniture will stand out, and you can have your furniture in any way you want, and it will fit with the other designs you have in your place. Additionally, through custom-made, you can make a functional masterpiece in that you will design the wood in a manner that serves your needs and makes it easy to access other items, which might be impossible when you purchase already-made furniture.

3. Personalized

Custom wood furniture represents your tastes and preference. You can design pieces that perfectly suit your home décor and style. The custom wood furniture will offer you a personal art piece. When you have a unique interior design at your home, it will be challenging to find pieces of furniture to complement the theme, but when you custom-make the wood furniture, an artist can come up with unique details to match all the elements in your home.

4. Flexibility

When making custom wood furniture, you can choose all the materials you want. The design of the wood, quality, color, and furnishings will be upon you. When you select your material, you will be confident that the material is durable. Thus, you will not have issues with constant repairs.

What are the Expert Tips to Maintain Your Custom Wood Furniture?

5. Time-Saving

You will use less time designing your furniture than it would be moving from one store to another looking for what you want. 

6. Affordability

Custom-made wood furniture is not as expensive as people perceive. You can replicate a piece of designer furniture and add your spice; it will be cheaper than designer furniture. Wood is also a long-lasting piece; it will increase its lifespan when you custom makes your own. With the durability in place, you will not use more money to handle repairs and maintenance, making it an affordable option. In addition, most custom furniture companies offer a lifetime warranty with their furniture as they are sure of the quality they use.

7. Matching Furniture Pieces

Another benefit of custom wood furniture is the ability to make your pieces match. You can put together different furniture and custom-make them to your liking. You can change the design as time passes, and the table will still fit perfectly. 

8. Environmental Friendly

Custom-made wood furniture uses reclaimed and recycled materials to create your desired table. You can protect the environment by customizing your furniture. 


Whether you are looking for home or office furniture, custom wood furniture is the best choice. You will ensure that your dream furniture becomes a reality as you will be the engineer of whatever you want. However, to enjoy the benefits of custom wood furniture, you will have to maintain it. We have highlighted several ways to keep your furniture, following them to enhance quality and durability. For great services in custom wood projects, feel free to contact Outsiders outlook. 

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