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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

What are the Biggest Problems with Custom Metal and its Fixes

Many people ask me, will I get to experience any problems with custom metal fabrication? And if yes, how will I fix it? The truth is that you will, but there are always fixtures to the problems. Allow me to guide you in an informative way on how you can handle the issues and fix them.  

There are a couple of problems in custom metal, such as; high demands, meeting customers' unique requirements, supply-demand chains, unclear designs, quality of the material, pricing, and outsourcing a fabricator. 

Do you know how to fix problems associated with custom metal fabrication? How about custom metal pro tips? Keep reading. 

What are the Biggest Problems with Custom Metal and its Fixes

Custom metal presents us with various challenges. It can be a new design you have never dealt with, contemporary materials you don't have, or a unique shape and design. When it comes to custom metal, the custom design is essential, and you will have to replicate it for the client to be satisfied. 

What are the Biggest Problems with Custom Metal and its Fixes

Your custom metal fabrication design will dictate how your customers' design comes out. To meet the customers' standards, you will have to overcome several challenges and know how to deal with them.

Below are the challenges associated with custom metal fabrication. 

1. Meeting Unique Customer Requirements

One unique challenge facing the custom metal industry is the customers' preferences. Customers have different tests. To accommodate the additional test, a custom manufacturer will have to outsource the services of a metal fabricator supplier to design the metal to fit the client's demands. The custom manufacturer will need more resources to accommodate the different and unique customer requirements, which translates to charging the customers more. The custom metal business requires the ability to handle complex designs and demands from customers.

2. High Demands

We live in a world whereby time is everything. There is a high demand for custom metal designs, and customers expect to get their custom metal at the right time. To ensure you meet all your customers' demands, you will need a reliable supplier and resources to cater to the supply. Additionally, supplying the raw materials can take time, making you lose clients and future referrals, thus posing a significant challenge to your business. 

3. Supply Chain Management

Supplying raw materials is a challenge for most industries. When the demand skyrockets, the supply reduces, which is a significant issue for the custom metal industry. Metal companies tend to get outsourced, forcing most suppliers to source from other similar metal companies. You must organize your businesses and order the materials beforehand to get the required materials on time. 

4. Unclear Designs

Most clients don't have a clear picture of what they want. They will give you a rough idea of what they want to achieve, leaving you with the work of replicating their idea into what they want. Unclear designs can be challenging as the results might not be what the client wanted, and they might not pay for the end product. 

What are the Biggest Problems with Custom Metal and its Fixes

5. Material

The quality of the material you decide to use will affect the outcome of your design. Some materials last longer, while others fade within months. Choosing a particular material will either boost or destroy your business. Getting a suitable vendor to explain the difference between the materials can be challenging.

6. Outsourcing a Fabricator

A fabricator will help you turn your clients' ideas into actualization. Getting a qualified fabricator is challenging, so there is a high demand for experienced fabricators; thus, contracting one within a specified period might pose a significant challenge. 

7. Pricing 

Coming up with a price that cuts across the board can be challenging. Sticking a balance that is not too high to scare clients or too low to make losses can be difficult. Additionally, outsourcing custom metal materials is cheaper, but getting a reliable and efficient supplier can be challenging. With outsourcing, you might make costly mistakes and have unnecessary delays posing a challenge to your business.

What are the Fixes to Custom Metal Fabrication Challenges

What are the Biggest Problems with Custom Metal and its Fixes

Every challenge has a way of fixing it. Accuracy is essential to your business when dealing with custom metal requests. Any slight mistake could turn down your design. You will need to be keen and mitigate the challenges.

How to fix custom metal challenges

1. Custom Capabilities

To cater to all your customer's needs and demands, you will need a system product configurator tool to enhance your custom metal efficiency. You can use your ERP system tool to configure the product and improve customer service. On the other hand, fabricators can use product offerings through customization to meet the client's needs. 
Your ERP system can emulate any design and translate the design to the entire process, thus meeting the client's needs and saving time. 

2. End-to-End Supply Chain Management

To meet the high demand, you must ensure that your supplier is reliable. In addition, you can use your ERP system to notify you when you are about to run out of stock and when prices increase. The ERP system will assist you in meeting all the current and future demands as you will order more materials before running out of old ones.

3. Supply Chain Management

To solve this challenge, you should take proper stock to order your metal supply. Business is like competition; therefore, if other competitors will get the materials, you don't manage your supply chain. 

4. Clarify Your Designs

You should get a straightforward design from your customers, and if possible, you can come up with a draft copy for their approval before coming up with the custom metal. A clear strategy will save you from incurring losses and disagreeing with your clients. You should specify the following items and get the customer's approval before coming up with the custom metal:

  • Measurements
  • Dimensions
  • Surface flatness
  • Radius of corners
  • Material thickness
  • Height, width, and length

Custom Metal Fabrication Pro Tips

What are the Biggest Problems with Custom Metal and its Fixes

Custom metal tips are vital for those looking to invest in custom metal or even those in the business already. Getting a qualified fabricator to work on your metal project is essential. It would help if you considered partnering up with one, so nothing goes wrong and you get the best advice about custom fabrication. Also, pick a partner who can offer a full-service fabrication and can handle any project without difficulty. 

You should research a reliable, efficient, experienced custom metal company to handle your outsourcing. It would be best if you also put up proper communication channels to prevent any form of miscommunication and delays. Additionally, time is an essential factor, and you should therefore have a well-planned program and always order your custom metal materials before running out of stock.  

The quality of the material that you will choose is an essential factor in the custom metal business. Getting suitable quality material is not easy as every vendor will want to sell their textiles and would even lie about the quality. To solve this challenge, you will need to get a reputable vendor and research the different types of materials to know what to pick. You should also compare the cost of the same material with several vendors to settle for what fits your budget and has good quality. 


Custom metal is a good investment that, like any other business, can face many challenges.  We have highlighted the challenges that affect the custom metal industry and how best to solve or mitigate those challenges.
You should use the solutions provided to aid you in making your custom metal business more lucrative and dependable. You can reach out to Outsiders outlook for custom metal project services.


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