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Mistakes You Should Avoid When Choosing Your Project Hosting Company

You may think that choosing a project hosting company is easy, that you walk into any project hosting company and settle for it. That's where you go wrong. I will let you know the mistakes you should avoid when choosing your project hosting company. 

There are several mistakes people should avoid when choosing their project hosting company; considering price over quality, going for free hosting, and not testing the company's customer support. Additionally, picking a hosting provider with no cash-back guarantee and signing up for a host without room for scalability.  

If you don't know about the dos and don'ts of project management and the factors you should check in project hosting, keep reading to learn more.

Mistakes You Should Avoid When Choosing Your Project Hosting Company

Choosing the best hosting provider for your project is crucial in determining how your clients interact with your content. The host will also determine how your project's website ranks in the search engines. If it is easily accessible, loads faster, and is secure, it will easily rank on search engine result pages(SERPs). Appearing on the first page of a search engine will give your company more visibility and credibility, which enables more clients to find you easily.

Mistakes You Should Avoid When Choosing Your Project Hosting Company

A poor host has low-quality tools, leaving your data insecure and a slow-loading page. An insecure website can compromise your project's details because hackers can easily access it. Some project managers or owners make huge mistakes when choosing their project hosting company. It's either because they don't know the risks or are unaware.

Mistakes to avoid when choosing your project hosting company

1. Going For Free Hosting

You may be tempted to use free hosting services because your project is just starting or you aren't paying a dime. While this may seem a good idea, it'll likely cause you a loss in the long term. Since you don't pay for the free service, the hosting provider will probably not provide you with customer support. 

Clients can lose trust in your brand from slow speeds and third-party advertisements. How can they trust you with their project if you can't afford website hosting? Free hosting is suitable for personal use but not for project management companies.

2. Considering Price Over Quality

Some hosting providers advertise their cheap services from mainstream media and social media to newspapers-This can lure you into purchasing their plans because of their low prices. Affordable services blind many project management companies and forget to check the services' quality. Most of the "too good to be true" hosting providers offer poor services compared to what they say. Looking at the reviews left by other clients is a good way of ensuring you don't make the mistake of going for price over quality.

Mistakes You Should Avoid When Choosing Your Project Hosting Company

3. Forgetting To Test Their Customer Support

Some host providers claim to offer 24/7 customer support service. The only way to confirm this is by testing how they respond to your questions and how long they take to resolve an issue. If they answer your questions politely and resolve problems in time, then you can go ahead using their services.

4. Picking A Hosting Provider With No Cash-Back Guarantee

Another big mistake project management companies make committing to a web host without a refund-back guarantee. You may purchase one only to find out they don't offer the services they advertise. It would help if you shifted to a better hosting provider, making a loss. A web host with a free trial and money-back guarantee is good because you sign up only if their services impress you. You'd receive your money back if the services were not satisfactory.

5. Signing Up For A Web Host That Doesn't Have Room For Scalability

Many hosting providers have limited bandwidth and storage. Purchasing their services can hinder your company because you'd have no room to store additional files and data. You can only increase your traffic to a certain level when you choose such a hosting provider.

It's not an easy job to move your site from one web host to another. Choosing a hosting provider that does not have restrictions on bandwidth and storage ensures your traffic can grow along with your business. The scalability of your project is dependent on the hosting provider you choose.

What Are The Dos And Don'ts Of Project Management

Mistakes You Should Avoid When Choosing Your Project Hosting Company

There are many recipes for a successful project. Implementing plans and strategies helps achieve a flawless project. The project management team has to sit down and decide how to enforce the blueprint, which can result in a failed project if done wrongly. Project management faces several risks, and understanding them will help you learn and also avoid future troubles.

What are risk projects?

A risk category is a high-level classification of project management risks. They are classified into two categories which can further be organized into small subcategories. The risk categories account for both internal and external sources of risk. The categories are;

  • Project level risks- these risks can affect the project level results. They include factors about the budget, scheduling, resource management, and much more. 
  • Business-level risks-these can affect the overall operations of a business. They include project prioritization, customer satisfaction, governance, and workforce risks. 

The above risks can further be subdivided into strategic, financial, external, and performance risks.

Dos and don'ts of project management.

Sometimes the project managers skip essential things when planning or undertaking the project. Others are not sure of what to do and what not to do. It's vital that project managers know the dos and don'ts when planning and implementing the project. Here are the dos and don'ts of project management:

1. You Should contact Onboard Your Teams In Decision-Making.

As a project manager, you are in charge of planning and implementing the project. You will have a team to assist you in carrying out various tasks. It would help if you involved the team in the decision-making phase for more insights. With different minds having the same goal, you will likely identify flaws that would otherwise compromise the project. If their views don't match your vision, it's good to let them know and assure them that the ideas can apply to future projects.

2. Share Project Accomplishments With Your Team

Even if your team's views didn't count in that project, their efforts did. A project manager cannot do everything on their own. Taking credit alone can demotivate your team, and the next project may not do well. Let everyone feel part of the success.

3. Assess The Risk Involved In The Project  

A project manager must have forecasting skills to identify potential threats that can face the project. You should also consider minor issues because they may become huge problems if not taken care of on time.

 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Choosing Your Project Hosting Company

4. Don't Forget The Customer

Your team's job and yours is to serve the customer. Keep the client updated on every step of the project to avoid unnecessary showdown when the project is nearly done. Updating them will make them know that you are thinking about them and won't have an opportunity to turn to your competitors. 

5. Don't Micromanage Your Team

Over-indulging in your team's work can negatively impact their morale. Constantly asking for your team's daily task updates and overviewing the team's performance reports can be suffocating-this can create a rift between the management and the team, which is bad for the project.

6. Don't Set Unrealistic Deadlines

Setting unachievable deadlines can lead to overworking the team in the quest to achieve them; this can result in reduced morale among the teams, and they can eventually disintegrate to find greener pastures. Clients can also lose faith in you because they'd need to extend the official opening dates of their projects.

7. Don't Make Assumptions

Just because you gave clear instructions doesn't mean everyone understood everything. You should use your communication skills to ensure everyone is in the loop to avoid inconveniences. Assuming that everyone is following your instructions, the latter may cause damage to your project. 

Factors to Consider before Choosing your Project Hosting Company

Choosing the best hosting company for your project can be hard, as many hosting providers promise to give you 99% or 100% uptime, support, and unlimited resources. Choosing the wrong one can cause you unnecessary expenses and frequent technical problems. Check the table below to find out what you should look out for before making a choice. 

Server reliability A stable web host provider ensures your website is always online. Frequent downtimes can cause a loss of revenue.
Tech Specs Find a hosting plan having specifications that align with your business, such as RAM, processing power, and disk space.
Excellent customer service Check if the hosting provider responds to your queries fast enough. Also, check whether they provide 24/7 client support.
Ability to add domains Make sure to choose a hosting provider that can let you add more websites and domains on a single hosting account.
Site backup

A good web hosting plan lets you restore your data if your website crashes, fails, or gets hacked. Check if they have the necessary features for restoring your site.


Conducting a background check before signing a contract with your project's hosting company is essential. Getting paid plans will ensure your company's data is secure and you receive good customer service. For your project to be a success, you must avoid all the mistakes mentioned above. Also, taking the dos and don'ts of project management will help you run your project flawlessly and effectively. For professional project hosting services, reach out to Outsiders outlook. 


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