Project Hosting Service

Do you need storage or computing resources for your projects and or services? Look no further, OSO has you covered

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What is Project Hosting Service

This is a service where we provide you with storage and computing resources for either individual or organizational needs. We accommodate and maintain any and all of your digital project or service needs.
What does the Service Entail

Managing a project involves many different aspects and many things that have to be tracked and followed up upon. This is where we come in, we determine project tasks, create a schedule, assign resources, and identify and track issues and risks. We are responsible for the overall success of your project.
What are the functions of the service

This service comes with several benefits that range from project planning, scheduling, tracking, resource allocation, budget planning, and documentation. We have highly qualified project managers that will take care of all of these activities for you at an affordable price to ensure you never go over the budget.
What are the benefits of the service

Why should you host your project with us? How will you benefit? Our project managers will ensure that you have effortless project planning, balanced resource management, improved team collaboration, real-time budget management, and ensure you will always have real-time reporting. All this will ensure you walk away with a smile on your face.
How OSO Service helps

We have qualified project managers that are always ready to take on any sort of project that you may have for us. Reach out to us today for all of your project hosting needs. We also offer in-house visits, office visits, and remote support services.

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