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Looking to get a customized metal product from scratch? Then this is the place for you, let us help you build your product to your exact needs

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What Does a custom Metal Project entail?

The term “custom metal fabrication/project” encompasses the entire process of building machine parts and structural components from raw metal materials to suit a client’s needs. This will include everything from cutting and shaping to assembly
What Will You Need for the project

The most important thing will be the raw material(metal). This can be in the form of scrap metal or metal from other unused metal products lying around your home. Our fabricators will help you in choosing the most appropriate type and quantity or better yet we will source the raw materials for you at a reasonable cost.
What is the Custom Metal Project Process?

The whole process can be very challenging, especially for people who have no experience in metal fabrication, and that is where we come in. We will help you through the design, building, assembly and finishing stages.
What are the benefits of custom metal projects?

Do you want something that is unique and cannot be found elsewhere? Something that is durable and offers longevity, something that is adaptable. Then you should definitely have a custom-made metal product. Our fabricators will help you get a product that is all of this and more.
How OSO Services helps

Here at OSO, we house master metal fabricators that are always ready to handle any custom metal project that may be needed or solve any metal-related product issue that may arise. Reach out to us today or have the problem fixed at an affordable price! We also offer in-house visits, office visits, and remote support services.

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