About Us

I have struggled with finishing projects in the past! Those days are long gone with the help of course and tutorials on managing my ADHD and scope creep.

Over the years I have experienced failure and success in managing small and very large-scale projects.  I want to help others become successful in their goals and feel accomplished in their life.

The overwhelming feeling of never being good enough or never having a complete project to show off without excuses of why it's still not done after months/years since you started it.

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A team of creative thinkers and doers. We are a design-build firm that specializes in residential, commercial, and hobbyist projects. We believe that the home can be an extension of one’s self-expression; where you live should not just be about function, but also your own personal style.

Our mission at Outsiders Outlook is to create our lifestyle through innovative and creative projects that allow people to live how they want without sacrificing quality or budget constraints.

Focus Point
We are commited to helping people learn from our mistake from taking on big projects.

Internal Point
This includes but is not limited to building or creating things out of woods, metals, electronics, plumbing, etc. The basic idea is to show that ordinary people, not professionals in that area, can do other things than what they are considered a professional. Service for this site is mainly helping people organize projects and execute them with some tutorials on how to do some things in related fields.

We guide people stumbling to finish tasks or projects they start because of attention problems, by providing a means to help you finish more in a structured manner so you can measure your progress.

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