About Us Outsiders Outlook

About Us Outsiders Outlook

A wood, metal fabrication, and project hosting company. Located in Topeka, Kansas, we pride ourselves on providing customized wood and metal products to people and businesses in our community. Our products are designed precisely according to the customer's specifications.

We have a great team of experienced metal designers and welders who create magnificent products with unbeaten quality. In addition, our talented wood designers, fitters, and carpenters have perfected the skill of making different designs. We take every challenge as an opportunity to grow and showcase our talents.

Our products are precisely designed as we pay attention to every tiny detail to the client's satisfaction. With our team of experts, we offer sophistication and class. So we will consistently deliver, whether you are going for a modern design or antique, in creating machine parts and other items.

We use both hands and equipment to create different products. Some of our clients will bring a model of what they want to be made or fixed and the material they desire to be used. We use recycled wood and metal materials or fresh, depending on your needs. In other cases, the customer will bring an image of what they want and specify the material they want us to use in the creation. Either way, we will provide honest advice on what would work best.

We also offer comprehensive IT solutions to our clients on demand. Our services range from website creation to project hosting. In addition, we will help increase your online visibility and enhance your market reach through the most recent SOE practices.

Our story

About Us Outsiders Outlook

Our brand was born from talent and passion for creating. The pioneers are gifted fabricators brought together by our founder, a computer Guru. We thrive in our diversity as we recognize the unique skill in each of us and get it all together, creating a killer brand. Thanks to our team members' brilliant talent, we have continually exceeded our customers' expectations with outstanding products and services. For us, every challenge presents a new learning opportunity. We attribute our success to our esteemed customers, who believed in us and gave us a chance to prove our worth.


We have all the specialized teams of experts to create products and deliver services with utmost precision. In addition, our carpenter is highly talented in joining and fitting wood and metal materials. We also have a model builder to highlight and ensure all details are captured in the product. Finally, our assembler and fabricator assist in bringing together the different parts, furnishing, and final finishing.

Our experts can work from any design, including drawings and electronic and printed copies. They also have the skill to translate drawings to shop pictures and, when needed, design projects from the ground up. Additionally, we work with different types of metals and wood, big and small, regardless of thickness.

Our prominent data specialists are skilled in all areas of IT. We provide different solutions to your business to increase your online presence. We offer project hosting services, create high-quality websites, and provide comprehensive SEO services to ensure you reach as many potential clients as possible.

Why fabrication

About Us Outsiders Outlook

Do you have a part that requires fitting and fixing? Maybe it is broken beyond its functionality. When you come to us, we analyze it and figure out the best material to use. We encourage recycling and reusing materials in your home to create more valuable items. Also, you may not find the exact mode of the thing you want in the market. In other cases, purchasing the item from the store might be too expensive. More often than not, the materials we create are unavailable in the market.

What makes us different?

Over the years, we have grown our customer base in Topeka and its environs. Here's why our customers choose us every time:

Customer service

About Us Outsiders Outlook

We pride ourselves on outstanding excellent customer satisfaction. Thanks to our honesty and expertise, we provide the necessary insight at the beginning of a project, preventing wasting time and resources. Our experts take the time to understand our customers' needs to meet their expectations. Additionally, we don't mind working on the product to your specification.


We create a product to the customer's specifications. We will advise you accordingly, allowing you to make informed decisions in the choice of material and other product specifications. And whatever we agree on with our clients is what we deliver.   


About Us Outsiders Outlook

We understand the value of time to our clients. For this reason, we provide you with a realistic timeline for delivering products. Also, we put on the necessary time and resources to ensure compliance with deadlines without compromising on quality.


Our reputation in expertise and service delivery is worth protecting. We have worked with many businesses and individuals within our locality, providing them with the same high-quality products and services. Also, our company often relies on word of mouth in selling our products and services, and any negative review can cost us significant business opportunities.


About Us Outsiders Outlook

We charge the fairest prices in the market for the same high-quality products. This is because quality comes first, and we don't have any hidden costs. Consequently, our products and services are pretty competitive.


We have a set of capabilities that makes us the best at what we do, and they include:

  • Metal cutting and forming
  • Assembling, welding, and fastening
  • Assembling capacity for large units
  • Finishing for both wood and metal


About Us Outsiders Outlook

Our customers have trust and confidence in our ability to deliver, which has been established over a proven track record of delivery. Thanks to our highly experienced professionals, we receive minimum complaints from customers. Also, our error rates are minimal, and we always rectify them before the product reaches the customer.

Our experts are well versed in the relevant codes, industry standards, and regulations. They are also aware of the most effective and cost-efficient techniques. And having been in the industry for several years, they have mastered their way around the different products and the best technology for every task. Besides, we are ready to provide testimonials and references of customers we have worked with.

Contact Us
  (785) 408-4717

4849 NW Rochester Rd
Topeka, KS 66617

A team of creative thinkers and doers. We are a design-build firm specializing in residential, commercial, and hobby projects. We believe that the home can be an extension of one’s self-expression; where you live should be about function and your style.

Our mission at Outsiders Outlook is to create our lifestyle through innovative and creative projects that allow people to live how they want without sacrificing quality or budget constraints.

Focus Point
We are committed to helping people learn from our mistakes from taking on big projects.

Internal Point
This includes but is not limited to building or creating things out of wood, metals, electronics, plumbing, etc. The basic idea is to show that ordinary people, not professionals in that area, can do other things than what they are considered a professional. Service for this site is mainly helping people organize projects and execute them with tutorials on how to do some stuff in related fields.

We guide people stumbling to finish tasks or projects they start because of attention problems by providing a means to help you complete more in a structured manner so you can measure your progress.

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